Permanent Hair Reduction for Men and Women

At last, there is a real solution to unwanted hair without the inconvenience of tweezing, shaving, waxing, or creams. Results are long lasting, and treatments are quick and easy. This simple procedure sends a Nd:YAG laser beam through the skin to reach the hair follicle under the surface destroying it whilst leaving the surrounding area unaffected. The laser beam has a large diameter and is able to reach several hair follicles at one time.

Only hair follicles that are in their growing cycle will be affected; and so a number of treatments are recommended over a period of a few weeks, to ensure the best result.





Frequently Asked Questions

1) What are the benefits?

The Aesthetic & Laser Clinic uses the most advanced laser technology; cleared by the FDA for permanent hair reduction. The procedure is safe and effective for both men and women of all skin types and hair colours except for blond and gray.

2) How does it work?

The pigment in the hair follicle absorbs Nd:YAG laser energy, while hair is in its active phase of growth. The laser light treats the follicle without harming surrounding tissue. You should avoid sun exposure to the treated area or use SPF30 sunscreen following any laser treatment.

3) How soon will I see the results?

Since only 30% or less of your hair may be in the active growth phase, a series of treatments will be required to achieve desired results.

4) How often can I have it done?

These treatments are spaced approximately 3-6 weeks apart, based on anatomical position and hair growth cycles. You can expect to need from 4-8 treatments.

5) How permanent is hair reduction?

You can see an average of 48% reduction in hair growth after three treatments and up to an 80% lasting reduction after six to eight treatments. Any remaining hair will usually be finer and lighter in colour.

6) What can I expect immediately after treatment?

You might experience a slight redness in the area, which will resolve in a couple of hours. Hair follicle may grow for one to two weeks. Typically; these are lifeless hairs and they will fall out quite easily. During the course of treatment, avoid waxing or plucking the area that has been treated.

7) How much does it cost?

Consultation and test patch are free of charge.

All the prices are a guideline and are per each session of treatment.

  • Arms: from £175
  • Top lip: £45
  • Chin: £45
  • Top lip & chin: £75
  • Monobrow: £45
  • Full Face £120
  • Lower Face & Neck female £145
  • Neck for Men: £90
  • Shoulder: £225
  • Underarm: £75
  • Arms: from £150
  • Bikini line: £85 – £150
  • Lower Legs: £250
  • Full Legs: from £400
  • Full Back/Chest: from £350

For any other area please contact the clinic.